This is the home page where all the broad brush statements are made.  If the copy and the images are up to scratch it will be immediately clear who the company works with, i.e. the businesses or individuals they sell to, supported by images that related to the problems or issues that are addressed. How about some 'Social Proof'?  This is non-service specific, promoted 'Mid-Copy' Feedback (Testimonial): 

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They provide a comprehensive service and they're very up to date and innovative, and they're quick to pass any benefits from that onto their clients. It's probably reduced my admin time. My last supplier was a bit old fashioned so...
Rob Reagan
Chelston Marketing
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Thank you very...

Additional text can continue the sales message, we know who we help, we know what problems, issues or dreams they have, but what do we actually do.  Many websites lack clarity of message that makes the website incomprehensible.  What are you going to do for me, how will my life be better as a result?  This is non-service specific, promoted 'Mid-Copy' Case Study: 

EVERY SINGLE discussion and meeting has resulted in a positive outcome
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Our thanks go to...