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They are a heck of a lot better than where we before. The place we were before was a shrinking company and therefore didn't even have enough people to provide the service we needed. We've been with them for 1-2 years now and they are a lot better. If we have issues we can resolve them more easily than we could before. We're pretty happy with the service we get.
Name:Cathryn Twigg
Company:Total Marketing Systems
Service(s) Provided: Service 1a, Service 2
There's a niche in the market for people who can provide this service to businesses like ours. They operate in that niche market. They have helped us pull together a handful of procedures and ensure we keep them up to date which is helpful. They're available for advice and it's a flat fee for whatever amount of advice i want in a month and that's helpful. I have a personal business partner who understands my business and is very diligent.
Name:Debbie Owen
Company:PBS Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Service 1a