Example Case Study #2


As leaders in the UK industry, Example Company are serious about providing a personal and professional service to their clients.  For the last ten years, we have provided them with fast and reliable support for all their matters.

Example Company
Client has improved turnover year upon year

I am really delighted with the way things are going and really appreciate the help and assistance you and the team have been giving me. As you know other pressures slowed my initial progress but recently our joint strategy of a quick pre-sell / pre-qualify conference call followed by a face to face meeting seems to be working.   To summarise, this is where my sales pipeline has moved to after a few telephone calls and two days out together visiting prospects. Time Scale: Given that all of the above has happened over the course of just the last three weeks and that EVERY SINGLE discussion and meeting has resulted in a positive outcome I am both amazed and delighted.   It genuinely seems that everyone we meet needs and wants what we do.  There seems to be absolutely no price pressure due to an apparent total lack of competition. 

Clients needed expert advice

Example Client approached us to help them resolve the issues involved with some contracts, and to support them with their negotiations. The Director of Example Client explained how wek helped. “Compared to who we had previously they're brilliant. The one we used before was very small so they didn't have the specialisms we needed.”

Our specialism was a winner

We are specialists with knowledge of many organisations. These include charities, professional and sporting associations, trade unions and other not-for-profits. The specialists help with negotiations and have a track record in helping these organisations in anyway they can.

Director of Example Company summed up the services by saying, “They are very accessible, and come back to us quickly on any queries that we've got. They're always very knowledgeable or they will find out if they don't know. They've certainly provided us with the knowledge that we now have in house.”

George Capaldi
Job Title:
General Director
Business Improvement
Example Company